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Hatch door to roof of shopping mall injures lighting technician. $12.6M. Los Angeles County. Louis Acosta v. MAS Realty, LLC et al.

Property manager had actual notice of the defective door.

Driver is killed when he crashes into an already collapsed crash cushion. Family sues Caltrans. $21M. The Estate of Kevin Walsh v. California Department of Transportation

In single-vehicle accident on a wet road at 2 a.m., decedent's alcohol consumption is said to contribute to his death.

Buddies go drinking and crash ensues, causing injury to drunk passenger. $20M. Los Angeles County. Michael R. Isom v. Brandon T. MacCarthy

After heavy drinking, two co-workers head to a club. A single-vehicle accident occurs and the passenger is severely injured. Comparative fault of driver and passenger is argued.

Man dies in crash between two pickup trucks. $5M. Stanislaus County. Rosemary Perkins, individually and as the Successor-in-Interest to The Estate of Paul Perkins, and Maria Consuelo Rosas-Calderon, v. Waterworks Industries, Incorporated, William Anthony Borges, Jr., and DOES 1 to 30, inclusive

Liability is disputed in high-speed head-on crash on two-lane road.

Truck driver is run over by his own rig during altercation over truck making a turn on private business property. $9.3 million. Fresno County. Jones v. Hiller Aircraft Corporation, et al.

Long after city abandons a road often used by big-rigs, business places barriers to trucks and demands payments from truckers using the property to turn around at the end of the road. During a fight with business's general manager, trucker is run over by his co-driver. 

Motorcyclist hit by left-turning company truck. $23,720,996 at in-person bench trial. Los Angeles County. Steeve Rojas, et al. v. Hajoca Corporation, et al.

This was the first in-person personal injury Bench trial in Los Angeles County since the COVID-19 shutdown in March 2020. In his decision, the judge said, "The court will not split the baby as between the two requests but will – but rather will award an amount appropriate based upon the evidence.”

Truck driver's leg amputated after warehouse accident. $10.5M. Yolo County. Bhupinder Singh and Reena Rani v. Capay Inc

Trial is suspended in March when COVID-19 shuts down the courts; trial is completed in late June after jury deliberates without alternates.

Cookie and bakery companies work together on health bar, until it all crumbles. $10 million, LA County Fantasy Cookie Corporation, a California Corporation; Joseph Semder; et al vs. Harold Rothman; Bar Bakers, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company; William Ross; et al and related cross complaint by Bar Bakers, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company; Harold Rothman; William Ross; vs. Fantasy Cookie Corporation, a California Corporation; Joseph Semder; Richard Semder, et al

Wholesale bakery earns millions baking health bars, but cookie company claims they had agreed to be partners in the bakery and that they were partly responsible for its success.

Pesticide application at adjacent business sickens plaintiff, results in claimed long-term injuries. $8M. Los Angeles County. Atlas Ferrera v. Terminix International, Inc. et al.

Terminix exterminator sprays poison into wall cavity to kill roaches but the chemical fumes escape into adjoining unit and sicken plaintiff.

Partial quadriplegia results when van is rear-ended. $21.5M jury verdict. Madera County. Maclovio v. Brewer

Farm worker is sitting in back row of passenger van when it is rear-ended while stopped at a railroad crossing. Liability admitted.

Teen student hit by driver in dangerous crosswalk, city sued. $25.6M. Riverside County. Tusant v. City of Hemet, et al.

Senior driver hits student in well-marked crosswalk; location of crosswalk near high school is at issue.

School's lack of defibrillator said to be a cause in death of football player. $8M. Alameda County. Pulido v. Alameda Unified School District

Freshman collapses and dies on field during football practice.

Negligence claimed at residential care facility. $5.5M. Los Angeles County. M. Sherrill Phillips, by and through her Guardian Ad Litem, Lydia Phillips v. AvantGarde Senior Living, A California Corporation

Untrained staff was assisting resident at residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE).

Pickup truck driver strikes car with family of three. $70M. Kern County. Tomasa Cuevas, Alejandro Cuevas, Maritza Cuevas v. Ajit Singh Rai dba Rai Transport

Serious injuries to thee family members when pickup truck with trailer strikes their vehicle at intersection.

Plaintiff claims constructive termination after repeated sexual battery. $58M. Los Angeles County. Mahim Kahn v Hologram USA, Inc., Alki David Productions, Inc., FilmonTV Inc., and Alkiviades ("Alki") David

Entertainment exec said to repeatedly harass and batter female production assistant. 

Boating accident at Lake Tahoe results in amputated leg. $23M. Palla v. L M Sports, Inc. et al.

Group of young adults rents a speed boat and tows inflatable behind the boat. Props sever leg. Includes issues of admiralty law.

RV insurance claim denied after fire. $8.4M. Riverside County. Octavio Lopez v. National General Assurance Company

Property insurer's fire investigator changes his initial report after second inspection of RV; insurer then denies claim.

Plaintiff suffers multiple fractures and TBI after defendant loses control of car. $5.6M. Ventura County. Collins v. Barragan, et al.

Defendant Caltrans is blamed for drop off from roadway to shoulder that caused loss of control by defendant driver.

On March 3, 2020 the court granted defendant State of California, acting through the Department of Transportation ("Caltrans"),  the request for a new trial as to the amount of damages awarded to plaintiff James Collins pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 657(7). (See more detailed information from order in Additional Notes section.)

Young autistic man struck by a car after caretaker loses him. $6.2M. Orange County. Arthur Dotson and Kara Dotson, as conservators of Ian Dotson, conservatee v. Aacres, LLC

Mentally incompetent man is on an outing to the fair when he walks away from caretaker and is later struck by car.

Wrongful death of truck driver when fuel tanks explode. $12M. Los Angeles County. Courtney v. Daimler Trucks North America LLC

Truck driver survives initial crash but is burned to death when fuel tanks explode.

Bike/pedestrian accident on shared trail. $10M. Sacramento County. Kenneth Korsmo and Carol Korsmo v. Madalyn Ashby and Julio Lawrence

Pedestrians found liable for causing cyclists' injuries when tandem bike strikes pedestrian from behind.

Mother dies shortly after giving birth at hospital. $10.8M. San Bernardino County. Yingzhi Li, Cathy Li, Gloria Li and Grace Li v. Thomas Tuan-Tong Lee, M.D., Thomas Tuan-Tong Lee, M.D., Inc., Grand Medical Group Ob/Gyn, Inc., Nicolaas Martin Grobler, M.D., Inland Pulmonary Medical Group, Montclair Hospital Medical Center, Prime Healthcare Montclair, LLC, and Philong V. Ta, M.D.

36-year-old mother experienced profound uterine bleeding after C-section delivery. She was transferred to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and then the ICU.  Plaintiffs claimed negligent treatment led to her death.

Production company exec accused of sexual harassment and battery. $5M. Los Angeles County. Lauren Reeves v. Hologram USA, Inc., Alki David Productions, Inc., Filmon TV, Inc. and Alkiviades ("Alki") David

High profile entertainment male executive sexually harasses and batters female staffer.

Retaliation against deputy trainee who reported illegal stops and arrests. $8.1M. Los Angeles County. Andrew Rodriguez v. County of Los Angeles

LA County Sheriffs Department captain retaliates against deputy who reported misconduct.

Right of way contested in left-turn collision. $11M. Los Angeles County. Norma McPhoy v. Luis Antonio Mendez Ramirez, et al.

Liability is contested at controlled intersection after T-bone accident; insurer initially refuses $15K policy limits demand.

Teen is killed walking to school, city blamed for dangerous condition. $60M. San Bernardino County. Stephen De La Cruz/Summer Johnson v. Town of Apple Valley

Teenager crossing highway at controlled intersection is killed on his way to school.

Small city sues Shell Oil for environmental contamination. $63M. Merced County. City of Atwater v. Shell Oil Co., et al.

Water wells are contaminated in Central Valley community.

Fire insurer refuses to pay after fire destroys leased building. $7.8M. Monterey County. Borjon Auto Center King City, Inc. v. Sentry Select Insurance Company

Sentry Select Insurance says auto dealer did not have an insurable interest in its leased premises.

Child is injured in home after social worker closes case. $113M. San Bernardino County. Laurell Reed as guardian at litem for Noah Reed, a minor v. County of San Bernardino Children and Family Services

Five-year-old child is severely brain injured by guardian after social worker fails to perform a mandatory duty and closes investigation of child abuse.

Electrical fire destroys sandwich shop. Insurer pays, seeks indemnity. $7.8M. Monterey County. Fireman's Fund Ins Co v. Triton Subs, Inc., et al.

Fireman's Fund pays $7 million in fire damage claims; seeks contractual indemnity from entity that selected the electrical contractor whose work allegedly caused the fire.

Two male LAPD officers retaliated against for supporting female officer. $8.6M. Los Angeles County. David Dooros, et al. v. City of Los Angeles

LAPD male officers who support female's sexual harassment complaints are themselves subjected to retaliation.

Monsanto's Roundup blamed for cancer. $2 billion. Alameda County. Alva Pilliod and Alberta Pilliod v. Monsanto Company

Couple uses Roundup weed killer on their properties. This trial culminated in the third consecutive jury verdict against Monsanto in the Roundup cancer litigation.

Addict commits suicide at detox center. $11M. Santa Cruz County. Cunningham v. Halcyon Horizons Inc., dba Narconon Redwood Cliffs and Bright Futures Recovery, Inc.

Man addicted to "Benzos" commits suicide in detox center. Policy limits ($1 million each defendant) CCP 998s served by plaintiffs on each defendant. 

Elder dies in memory care facility after repeatedly receiving sedative; $42.5M. Sacramento County. Barbara Lovenstein, et al. v. Eskaton Fountainwood Lodge, et al.

Over-sedation is blamed when elderly plaintiff chokes on food, dies.

Off-the-clock security check when leaving work impeded breaks per plaintiffs. $6M. Hamilton et al. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. et al.

Wal-Mart denies allegations of failure to pay overtime and impeding employee breaks.

CHP officer, responding to call, cuts off semi on freeway. $6.1M. San Joaquin County. Marvin Lee Sheley v. California Highway Patrol

Truck driver says CHP officer caused freeway accident; no comparative fault.

Baldwin Park's first female Chief of Police wrongfully terminated. $7M. Los Angeles County. Hadsell v. City of Baldwin Park

Police Chief says she was discriminated against and then fired.  

20-year-old makes evasive maneuver, loses control and crashes into parked truck. $30M. Ventura County. Rodolfo Plascencia, an individual; Diocelina Trujillo an individual v. Charles Gynn Deese, an individual; Flat Creek Transportation, an Alabama Corporation

The driver died of her injuries and her parents brought suit. Truck driver had parked rig on side of highway.

Jones Act negligence by City of Long Beach. $5.4M. Los Angeles County. James Peterson v. City of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach police officer is injured while boarding a vessel.

Oil refinery employee who worked in Iran is diagnosed with mesothelioma. $25M. Los Angeles County. Sabetian v. Fluor Enterprises, Inc., et al.

Plaintiffs say safety precautions with asbestos were not followed in Iran.

Man training for marathon is struck and killed by DUI driver. $20M. Ventura County. Prewitt v. Chappell

Woman is high on marijuana and Xanax when she strikes runner on roadway.

Woman tortured to death by her fiancee, the father of her child. $41.6M. Los Angeles County. Kasian v. Leibel

Gruesome murder results in large punitive damages award following civil trial.

Passenger dies when vehicle collides with tractor-trailer parked alongside freeway. $11M. Los Angeles County. Karen Garcia and the Estate of Jose Antonio Garcia v. Tri-Modal Distribution Services Inc. and Jorge Garcia

Driver parks truck illegally alongside road to relieve himself and is struck by another truck.

Motorcyclist killed by city truck at intersection. $7M. Los Angeles County. Laura Asencio v. City of Covina, et al.

Motorcyclist dies when he collides with City of Covina truck. Plaintiff had lowered pre-trial demand to $1 million after CCP 998.


Three whistle-blowing employees of FedEx claim unsafe airplane repairs. $8M. Los Angeles County. Gruzalski et al. v. Federal Express Corporation et al.

Employees say they complained about unsafe aircraft repair and repairs that were signed off on but never done, and then were retaliated against.

2001 Nissan Xterra suddenly, unintentionally accelerates. $36M. Yolo County. Aguirre v. Nissan North America, Inc.

Laborer crashes his car on employer's lot; claims car accelerated when he was braking. Flaw in design of accelerator and brake pedals is blamed.

Winery ignores evidence against manager who sexually harasses female employees. $11M. Los Angeles County. Meadowcroft and Brown v. Silverton Partners, Inc. and Essence Business Group, Inc.

Two female employees say general manager sexually harassed them.

Contractors attempt to set up traffic break without CHP, resulting in crash. $5.5M. San Luis Obispo County. Bruce v. Telfer Technologies, et al.

Paving contractors need to move equipment from one side of highway to the other. They use their vehicles to set up a traffic break, resulting in a high-speed crash.

Rear-ender, minor impact with soft tissue and TBI. $6.8M. Napa County. Margaret Jake O’Kelly v. Mariah Bryant

Business owner is sandwiched in low-impact rear-end collision. Says TBI prevents her from continuing her business.

Chemical in Monsanto weed killers said to cause terminal illness. $289M. San Francisco County. Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto Company

Battle of expert witnesses over whether Monsanto's products cause cancer and what the company knew but did not warn of.

Sexual abuse of child continues after county social workers involved. $45.4M. Los Angeles County. F.M. v. County of Los Angeles

Social workers don't properly follow through after they find a known child molester living in child's room.

Young managers engage in age discrimination of long-time employee. $31M. Los Angeles County. Rael v. Sybron Dental, et al

Young managers want to move out a long-time employee.

Director of after-school program "grooms" boy for years before sexually abusing him. $25M. Los Angeles County. Stephen W. v. Westerly School of Long Beach

Student is abused by director of private school's after-school program.

E-wallet company says credit card processor defrauded it. MH Pillars, Ltd. v. Payment World, LLC, et al.

E-wallet company says credit card processor failed to pay millions owed.

Brain damage results from bleeding during heart surgery, leaves patient in vegetative state. $68M. Fresno County. Cristobal Arteaga, individually; Maria A. Arteaga Alvarez, individually; and Cristobal Arteaga, as Guardian ad Litem of Silvino Perez v. Fresno Community Regional Medical Center; Pervaiz A. Chaudhry, M.D.; Valley Cardiac Surgery Medical Group; and Does On

Cardiothoracic surgeon said to leave surgery before it is completed. Patient begins to bleed profusely and there is no qualified surgeon available.

Worker dies operating rock-crushing machine. $30 million. Los Angeles County. Anaya v. General Equipment & Supplies. Inc, et al.

Employee dies after being pulled into rock crushing machine when guards are removed.

Avis employee hits a bicyclist with SUV. $5.2M. Los Angeles County. Karina Sanchez v. Avis Budget Group, Inc.

Passenger in Prius hit by big rig on freeway suffers from chronic neck and back pain. $7.8 M. San Bernardino County. Takemura v. Pacific Tank Lines

Plaintiff beats 998 and gets substantial non-economic damages in verdict when defendant trucker claims plaintiff's driver was at fault.

Failure to warn of traffic danger is claimed when motorcyclist dies. $5 million. Los Angeles County. Eileen Annocki and Joseph Annocki, Sr. v. Peterson Enterpises, LLC dba Geoffrey’s Malibu and Terry Allen Turner, et al.

Restaurant patron turns the wrong way out of parking lot onto one-way highway.

Manhole cover in bike lane said to be cause of cyclist's crash. $6.7M. Santa Cruz County. Joseph C. Wessling v. Pacific Bell Telephone Company, et al.

Manhole cover causes cyclist to swerve into traffic lane where he collides with car.

Apartment elevators not maintained, wheelchair user's complaints unheeded. $5.25M. Los Angeles County. Chris Curry v. Academy Pointe, Inc., et al.

Disabled person stranded in apartment because elevators frequently don't work.

Hospital staff neglects to consider child abuse when infant is brought to ER. $8.4M. Amador County. Cree Miller v. Sutter Sacramento Sierra Region, et al.

Hospital's medical staff training on child abuse reporting laws at issue.

Student hit by a car after running into street to catch school bus. $36.1M. San Bernardino County. Isabella Escamilla Sanchez, a minor, by and through her guardian ad litem, Carina Sanchez; v. County of San Bernardino, a public entity; City of Highland, a public entity; et al.

Student runs into traffic to catch school bus, is hit by car.  Plaintiff claims bus driver did not follow policy and procedure.

Manufacturing plant supervisor suffers multiple injuries on the job, later fired. $15M. Los Angeles County. Astorga v. Snap-On Logistics

Manufacturing plant supervisor takes a lot of time off due to on-the-job injuries; he's demoted, later fired.  Company says he was soliciting bribes from vendors.

Forklift on road crushes man's feet in crosswalk. $10.9M. Los Angeles County. James Cobb v. County of Los Angeles

Event planner is struck in crosswalk by forklift that runs over his feet.  Section 998 demand of $3 million.

Decedent's mesothelioma caused by father's employment. $12.9M. Alameda County. Lanette Louise Lopez, et. al., v. The Hillshire Brands Company

Father brings asbestos fibers home from workplace on his clothing. Son dies as an adult.

Beating by bar's security guard causes TBI. $9.25M. Los Angeles County. Shawn Dearing v. Cabo Cantina, et al.

Drunk patron is assaulted by security guard; guard says it was self defense.

Forklift backs up into security guard, drags him 15 feet; leg amputation. $16.9M. Riverside County. Steven Meier v. PennySaver USA, LLC, et al.

Security guard at printing plant is run over by forklift operator.

Defective wheelchair causes injury to disabled man. $9.8 million. San Diego County. Toby Morin v. Sunrise Medical (US) LLC and National Seating & Mobility, Inc.

Wheelchair user claims he is injured by bolts on wheelchair after modifications are made on it.

HMO provider group of physicians does not provide timely hand surgery. $7.2M. Los Angeles County. Terry J. LaRue v. Health Net of California, Inc.; Accountable Health Care IPA, A Professional Medical Corporation; Roe physician, and Does 1 through 100, inclusive

Following a bad hand injury, plaintiff receives referral after referral through his HMO, but no timely surgery.



Whistleblower gets $22M punitives after wrongful termination. $25.1M. Los Angeles County. Steven Babyak v. Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Sales manager reports illegal sale activity, claims he was retaliated against.

Traumatic brain injury at issue in rear-ender. $10.7 million. Los Angeles County. M.C. v. Victor Mathews

Child with learning disability is injured in high-impact rear-ender, claims traumatic brain injury (TBI), but insurer fails to make policy limit offer.

Negligent care at residential facility results in sexual abuse of minor. $12 million. Sacramento County. Doe v. FamiliesFirst, Inc.

Residential facility for special needs children is accused of gross neglect leading to sexual assault off-campus.

Employer said responsible for intoxicated employee's auto accident. $15 million. Los Angeles County. George v. Firstservice Residential California LLC

$15 million verdict against employer after employee becomes intoxicated while in scope of job and injures client.

Wrongful death in hotel room. $5 million settlement after bench verdict. Los Angeles County. Ruf v. Palm Canyon Hotels, Inc.

Man dies in hotel room from carbon monoxide poisoning; faulty pool heater blamed.

Doctor-founders of non-profit medical clinic are wrongfully terminated. $6 million. Los Angeles County. Saied Ibraham Saied, M.D., et al. v. Centro Medico Community Clinic, Inc. et al.

Doctors sue after they are fired by non-doctors who are running non-profit medical clinic.

Wrongful termination and retaliation claimed by Office Depot supervisor. $10 million. Los Angeles County. Flores v. Office Depot, Inc.

Jury says Office Depot failed to take retaliation complaint seriously before it fired plaintiff.

Street sweeper sideswipes vehicle, causing major injuries. Liability disputed. $8.4 million. Napa County. Melissa Alvarez and Lorenzo Alvarez, a minor v. Syar Industries, Inc.

Despite extensive, life-long injuries suffered by plaintiff, defendant fails to make reasonable offers until trial, when it  finally admits liability.

Inventor loses patent, blames law office negligence. $61.5M. San Diego County. Asbaghi v. Nydegger

Negligent office procedures by law firm lead to loss of client's patent protection.

Construction worker falls to his death from concrete form. $26.9 million. Los Angeles County. Rosa B. Gonzalez, Aaron E. Gonzalez and Atarah E. Gonzalez v. Atlas Construction Supply, Inc.

Construction worker on top of a concrete form panel falls when panel collapses. Liability is disputed among contractors.

Electrician on job site falls from roof-access ladder. $5.2 million. Yuba County. Joanne Turner v. Sundt Construction Inc., et al.

Electrician falls to concrete floor from roof-access ladder, says it was unsafe. Severe leg and back injury.

Wrongful termination of long-time employee results in punitives. $8.5 million. Los Angeles County. Blanca Torres v. B.E. Aerospace Inc.

New supervisor terminates 23-year employee at aerospace facility. She says defendant replaced her with a younger male who she trained.

School district found negligent in its supervision when middle school teacher repeatedly molests student. $8 million. Los Angeles County. Antonia M. vs. Pomona Unified School District

Male middle school teacher molests eighth grade female student.

Fatal accident at dangerous intersection. $23.7 million. Los Angeles County. Lani Guilmette; and Grayson Guilmette, by and through his guardian ad litem, Lani Guilmette v. City of Los Angeles; and Ramon Nevarez

Plaintiffs say parked cars blocked view of intersection and constituted a dangerous condition.  Death of scientist, age 59, while riding a motorcycle.

Mazda's design of driver seat determined to be substantial cause of injuries. $14.9 million. Alameda County. Gray v. Mazda Motor of America, Inc.

Driver's seatback fails in '95 Mazda Protege when rearended by truck. 

Tech on FAA contract fired after altercation with co-worker. $7.39 million Yang v. ActioNet

A technician working at an FAA site is fired after an altercation with a co-worker.  Plaintiff says the co-worker started it.

Insurer lowballs repair payments on damaged restaurant building. $10.5 million for bad faith + punitives. Stanislaus County. NKD Diversified Enterprises, Inc. v. AMCO Insurance Company

Snow storm collapses roof of building; insurer won't pay estimate to repair, says estimate includes code upgrades that it's not responsible for.

Mesothelioma: Plaintiff worked with asbestos in Iran. $5.2 million. Los Angeles County. Malek v. Fluor Corporation, et. al.

Plaintiff, age 82, worked in Iran for American contractors when he was allegedly exposed to asbestos insulating products.  He has lived in California for over 30 years.

Lawyer tries to intervene in ongoing sexual harassment by prominent yogi and is fired. $7.3 million. Los Angeles County. Jafa-Bodden v. Choudhury

Developer of yoga method said to sexually harass students, fires his own lawyer when she tries to stop him.

High school student struck by car at school bus stop; $9.8 million. El Dorado County. Carly Bray v. Kassandra Hoelscher

Teenager waiting for bus is struck by vehicle; claims bus stop was in dangerous spot. School district and county settle out before trial for $5.06 million.

Driver is hit by drunk driver; quadriplegia. $125 million. Ventura County. Francisco A. Briones v. Christopher Lee Zink

Young man, driving to work in his parents’ uninsured car, is hit by drunk driver and rendered a quadriplegic. Insurer refuses $75K combined policy limit demands.

Caltrans fails to warn subcontractor of dangerous health conditions at work site. $12 million. Solano County. Hukill, et al v. California Department of Transportation

Plaintiffs contract dangerous Valley Fever after doing construction work for Caltrans.

Railroad boilermaker dies of Mesothelioma from asbestos in repair shop. $6.95 million. Alameda County. Karen Emerson v. Union Pacific Railroad Company

Railroad worker is exposed to asbestos in railroad repair shops long after asbestos protection for workers is mandated.

Trial to determine if rebar company liable for one or two accidents involving plaintiff. $10.7 million gross. Alameda County. Brian Leierer v. Harris Salinas Rebar, Inc.

Carpenter's fall at bridge construction site is blamed for later back problems and subsequent auto accident. Claims depression and addictions were all brought on by the original fall on the job.

Sports columnist for LA Times claims constructive termination; $7.1 million. Reduced on JNOV. Simers v. Tribune Company

Long-time sports columnist for LA Times with national reputation claims he was discriminated against, constructively terminated. Judge later grants motion for JNOV, reduces verdict to zero.

Housekeeper with fractures, chronic pain syndrome awarded $5.1 million. Imperial County. Gonzalez v. Joe Heger Farms LLC; Jose Maneses

Housekeeper, 59, suffers hip, back and ankle fractures after collision with truck, causing multiple surgeries and leaving her with chronic pain syndrome.

15-year-old dies after being struck by car at dangerous crossing on way to school bus. $20 million. San Bernardino County. Jong Ja Jun v. Chaffey Joint Union High School District and Imelda Hughes

School district hides evidence of its negligence in selection of bus stop locations and is sanctioned by court before trial. Later argues value of adopted son's death.

$9.2 million verdict in first Zimmer hip-implant case. Los Angeles County. Gary Kline v. Zimmer Holdings Inc.

59-year-old  man injured by a defective metal-on-metal hip implant manufactured by Zimmer. He underwent two hip replacement surgeries in 15 months, lives with chronic pain.


Severe injuries to family in DUI accident; $20 million. Los Angeles County. Cardona v. Cortes

DUI driver crosses center line in SUV and collides with family's sedan, causing severe injuries.  Minimal policy limits, but litigation for bad faith against insurer has commenced.

$17.4 million to 27-year-old filmmaker after crash; defense claims no objective evidence of brain injury. San Diego County. Sheaffer v. NuCO2

Ph.D. candidate who had already produced several movies claims his life/career will never be the same after brain injury and head pain following auto accident.  Defense says brain damage claims are unfounded.

Med-mal case against Kaiser goes to trial when arbitration clause is beaten. $28 million gross. Los Angeles County. Anna Rahm v. Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Teen loses leg to aggressive cancer when Kaiser delays MRI.  Kaiser Foundation Health Plan is sued for insurance bad faith, but after summary judgment for defense, complaint is amended to include medical negligence against Kaiser's physician group. Plaintiff defeats Kaiser arbitration clause and a second summary judgment motion, and case goes to a jury. 

Fireman's Fund retirees say company-sponsored financial education seminars led to loss of retirement savings. $36.8 million verdict. Marin County. Beeson, et al., v. Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, et al.

Over ten-year period, Fireman's Fund employees were introduced to financial advisors at company-sponsored financial education seminars. The advice of these financial advisors cost plaintiffs their retirement savings. Bench verdict against ING North America Insurance Corp. and Lion Connecticut Holdings, Inc, the parent companies of the now-defunct seminar company. 

Rear-center-seat passenger in older Toyota has no shoulder restraint, suffers paraplegia. $11.7 million verdict after no offer. Monterey County. Hill v. Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc., et al.

Older model Toyota does not have shoulder belt (3-point restraint) for rear-center-seat passenger. Plaintiff's intoxicated driver loses control and hits a tree. No offer before trial. 

$9.9 million net verdict for 70-year-old in trip and fall at restaurant. Los Angeles County. Arlene Ludwig v. Hacienda Paraiso, a Calif. Corp.

Studio publicity head trips on step in restaurant converted from residence built in 1928. Quadriparesis. Farmers Insurance failed to settle within policy limits.

Teenage boys molested by AA sponsor; $10,000 CCP 998 offer. $6.5 million verdict. San Diego County. Doe, et al. vs. Pacific Health Systems, LP, et al.

Teenage boys with history of substance and sexual abuse are sent to after-school program, later molested by AA sponsor they met at the program.

Auto mechanic worked on brakes, dies of mesothelioma. $10.9 million gross verdict. Fresno County. Phillips v. Honeywell International, Inc. et al

Plaintiffs' decedent worked on brakes as an auto mechanic, and also worked as a plumber.  He was exposed to asbestos in both jobs.  Punitive damages against defendant Honeywell (Bendix). Very low section 998 settlement offer by defendant.

Bicyclist falls at site of highway roadwork; paraplegic. $15.5 million. Los Angeles County. Vincent Colarossi, et al. v. Roe defendants

Multiple bicyclists fall on same weekend at site of roadwork on PCH in Malibu; dangerous condition claimed.

Patron alleges sexual battery by employee in restroom at bar. $5.42 million. Los Angeles County. Jane Doe v. 696 North Robertson (dba Here Lounge), et al.

Female patron alleges she was sexually battered by a West Hollywood bar's employee in a unisex restroom; claims negligent security against the bar owners.

Staples facilities manager, 64, fired after age harassment. $26.1 million verdict. Los Angeles County. Bobby Dean Nickel v. Staples Contract & Commercial, Inc., and Staples, Inc.

Older, higher paid manager is harassed by supervisors at Staples, but he won't resign and is later terminated.  Jury awards major punitive damages.

Mesothelioma causes death of auto parts worker: $11 million gross verdict for family. Alameda County. Emily Bankhead, Tammy Bankhead, and Debbie Bankhead-Meiers v. ArvinMeritor, Inc., et al.

Decedent was exposed to asbestos dust through his work with vehicle brake parts.  This trial was for damages only.

Driver backs up over child at apartment building, leaves the scene. $25 million. Riverside County. Mireyli Gomez v. Hugo Aguirre, Jim Fakhoury

Toddler, age 18 months, was playing in the yard of an apartment building when defendant, a tenant in the building, backed up his SUV and ran over her, causing severe injury.

Family's SUV slams into 18-wheeler parked on side of freeway. $150 million for wrongful death. Los Angeles County. (JNOV/new trial granted) Asam v. Rudolph Ortiz, Bhandal Bros.Trucking

SUV pulling a trailer slams into tractor-trailer truck parked off freeway; mother, father and one child die; two surviving children witness deaths. $150 million in non-economic damages, plus costs and interests.

JNOV granting new trial to determine the comparative negligence of plaintiffs' decedent driver and defendant trucking company.


Jet ski crashes into boat that suddenly turns in front of it. $21.7 million product liability and negligence. Los Angeles County. Fabiola Esparza v. Polaris Industries Inc., Douglas Lane

Drunk grandfather towing grandkids in raft suddenly turns in front of jet ski on Colorado River near Blythe.  Jet ski passenger suffers brain damage.  Jet ski manufacturer sued for product liability.

$5.5 million verdict after teacher engages in ongoing sexual contact with teen student. San Bernardino County. Emily H. v. Chino Valley Unified School District

High school teacher engages in ongoing sexual contact with a female freshman. District disputes extent of plaintiff's injuries and offers $100,000 before trial.

$55 million against security company at apartment complex after gang shooting. San Bernardino County. Antonio Steward vs. Stratus Security Services, Inc.

Teenager shot by gang member at apartment complex after security guard fails to break up gang party or warn residents of danger.  $1 million policy limits opened up after insurer fails to settle.

Laborer doing electrical work is electrocuted on job site. $14.3 million awarded. Fresno County. Consuelo Martinez, individually and as Successor In Interest to Francisco Martinez Moreno; Trinidad Moreno; and Sophia Martinez, a minor, by and through her Guardian Ad Litem Consuelo Martinez v. Herndon Partners, LLC, Amador Electric, Does 1-100

A laborer instructed to work on a door bell is electrocuted on job site; no workers' comp coverage.  Developer/contractor is held liable.

Unarmed robbery suspect shot by Culver City police. Minor children awarded $8.8 million. Los Angeles County. Kandace Simplis, et al. v. Culver City Police Department, et al

An unarmed robbery suspect is shot by a Culver City police officer.  Other officers on the scene did not perceive the suspect as a threat. $8.8 million awarded by Federal jury.  

Insurer delays payment after business loss; $5 million bad-faith verdict after $250K offer. Riverside County. Palm Springs Pump v. Peerless Insurance Company, et al.

Defendant insurance company delays payment on a valid claim. Jury verdict for over $5 million.

$27 million awarded against assisted-living facility for negligence in care of Alzheimer's patient. Sacramento County. Joan Boice, et al v. Emeritus Corporation

Alzheimer's patient, 81, suffers a severe decline in her physical health after only three months in assisted-living facility. Jury awards $27 million, mostly punitive damages.

$21.8 million award for wrongful termination of customer service rep. Los Angeles County. April Rodriguez v. Valley Vista Services Inc. and Zerep Management Corp.

Customer service rep takes doctor-approved leave of absence for panic attacks; defendant says she abandoned her job and fires her. $750,000 offered before closing arguments. $21.8 million award.

$5 million awarded to elderly parents when scuba diver dies due to defective equipment. Los Angeles County. Horace Myers, Joanne Myers v. Förvaltningsobolaget Insulan AB dba Si Tech

Scuba diver dies off Catalina Island when breathing apparatus fails; diver had pre-existing heart condition. Defense offered $93K, but jury awards $5 million to decedent's elderly parents.

$6.9 million verdict against school district (LAUSD) when 10-year-old male student is molested by teacher. Los Angeles County. Walter “Matt” Doe v. Los Angeles Unified School District, et al.

Ten-year-old male student is molested by teacher on and off campus.  School principal reported a prior, suspicious incident involving the male teacher.  Jury finds school district 30% at fault for not taking earlier action. 

LAPD officer shoots 13-year-old boy playing with pellet gun after dark. $19.2 million net award. Los Angeles County. Rohayent Gomez Eriza v. City of Los Angeles and Victor Abarca

13-year-old boy with pellet gun is shot by LAPD officer on street after dark.  Circumstances of shooting are disputed.  Quadriplegia. $19.2 million net after contributory negligence. 

Motorcycle struck by pickup; course and scope of employment at issue; $11.9 million. Contra Costa County. Sean Choy v Mori Hatsushi and Associates Inc., Masaru Hatsushi, Mori Hatsushi and Tomiko Hatsushi and M. Hatsushi Landscaping

Motorcyclist, 35, is struck by defendant company's pickup, but defendant says driver was retired and not in course and scope of employment.  Catastrophic head and spine injuries.  $11.9 million verdict.

$10 million verdict when wheelchair harness strangles disabled boy on school bus. Orange County. Cisler v. Capistrano Unified School District

School bus driver improperly secures disabled child into wheelchair on bus; shoulder harness strangles the boy who suffered from Angelman Syndrome and could not move or cry out for help.

Defendant, before admitting liability and causation on eve of trial, had sought an offset of $3.7 million based on the future medical cost plaintiff parents would not incur owing to their child's early death. 

$8.75 million verdict in L.A. Sheriff excessive force/wrongful death case. Los Angeles County. Montalvo v. County of Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, in an unmarked car, pursued plaintiffs' decedent as a DUI/robbery suspect. When decedent's car crashed, he was surrounded by multiple sheriff's cars. Decedent backed his vehicle into a sheriff's car and deputies opened fire, killing him.

Auto mechanic wins $6.8 million verdict against Ford Motor Co. for mesothelioma. Alameda County. Patrick Scott and Sharon Scott v. Allied Packing & Supply, Ford Motor Company, et al.

Plaintiff was an auto mechanic with decades of asbestos exposure from Ford parts such as brakes, clutches and gaskets. He was forced to give up his auto repair business when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Majority of jury verdict was for pain and suffering.

Psych hospital nurse improperly assesses patient, who then attacks another patient. $5.9 million verdict. Los Angeles County. Andrew L. Gerard v. BHC Alhambra Hospital, Inc.

Plaintiff was admitted to defendant psychiatric hospital for depression. A violent patient was placed in the room with plaintiff. Plaintiff suffered head injuries after attack by the new patient.

Unsafe lane change into path of motorcylist results in paraplegia. $9 million. Los Angeles County. Carlos Madrigal v. Richard Tang and Anna Tang

Driver changes lanes to turn right, cutting off motorcycle that then collides with car.  Plaintiff, age 25, paraplegia.

UPS supervisor receives $18 million verdict for wrongful termination/retaliation. Los Angeles County. Michael Marlo v. United Parcel Service, Inc.

Plaintiff claimed violations of safety regulations and wage/hour law after working many years for UPS. After a failed attempt at a class-action, plaintiff filed individual suit and encouraged many other managers to do the same. Plaintiff said he was fired after an incident fabricated by defendant. Jury awards substantial punitive damages.

$8.3 million verdict when worker falls as he tries to escape runaway construction hoist. San Francisco County. Kammerer v. Alimak Hek AB

A 39-year-old construction worker falls 50 feet from an out-of-control construction hoist. Injuries result in an amputated arm and severe depression. Swedish manufacturer of the product denies liability, but is found 57% negligent by jury.

$12 million for med mal and medical device product liability, including punitives. San Diego County. Whitney Engler v. Breg, Inc.; David Chao, M.D.; & Oasis, MSO, Inc.

Device intended to minimize swelling after orthopedic surgery causes non-freezing cold injury.  Doctor prescribes it despite prior settlement for malpractice over same device and type of injury.

$6 million jury verdict for truck driver whose employer insisted he make deliveries in dangerous weather. Sacramento County. Webb v. Ramos Oil Company

Employer required hazardous materials truck driver to make deliveries in severe storm, then insisted he return for more after his shift even though he informed employer he had been drinking after work. He was fired for not returning to work.

$90 million to security guards in class action over break time. Los Angeles County. Jennifer Augustus v. American Commercial Security Services

Security company required guards to be "on duty" during rest breaks, violating Labor Code.  Award made by judge in summary judgment.

$36 million for Indian couple hit by big rig. Severe spinal injury. Riverside County. Jaishree Sheth v. Schneider National Carriers, Inc.

Plaintiffs were visiting relatives in the U.S. when their passenger vehicle was struck on freeway by a tractor-trailer truck. Plaintiff wife suffered severe spinal injuries and requires constant care. Defendant trucking company denied liability and offered a $250,000 settlement pre-trial. Jury found trucking company 100% liable.

Record $28 million verdict for a single plaintiff against a religious organization. Alameda County. Jane Doe v. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., et al

Plaintiff was molested as a child by an adult from her church during door-to-door community visits. The written policy of The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society on secrecy regarding known abuse was at issue.

$11.3 million for driver injured when truck’s defective wheel hub fails. San Francisco County. Mariolle v. Volvo Truck, Consolidated Metco and Wittke Manufacturing

A garbage-truck driver was awarded $11.3 million for back injuries sustained when his truck's front wheel failed due to a defective hub. The 998 offer was only $350,000, and the offer at trial was $1 million.

$74.5 million med-mal verdict to child born with cerebral palsy. San Luis Obispo. Blunt v. Haupt

In-utero heart rate fluctuates dramatically but medical team fails to hasten birth. Child born with cerebral palsy.

$8 million verdict for insurance bad faith after elderly man’s home is destroyed by fire. Los Angeles County. Robert Christopher v. Residence Mutual Insurance Company

Insurance company delayed and low-balled payment for re-building of home after fire; also intervened in plaintiff's case against a separate defendant, attempting to recover more for itself at plaintiff's expense.

$167 million record verdict for wrongful termination of surgical aide at Catholic hospital. Sacramento County. Ani Chopourian v. Catholic Healthcare West d.b.a. Mercy General Hospital and Mercy General Hospital

Physician's assistant in surgical unit says hospital ignored her repeated written complaints about verbal sexual harassment by doctors, lax safety practices and meal-and-rest breaks.

US Military Jet Crash nets $17.8 million award. San Diego County. Don Yoon et al v. United States of America

A San Diego-area family lost their home and four family members to a military jet crash. United States of America admitted sole liability. Judge had to determine reasonable compensation.

$7.5 million verdict for chiropractor’s slip and fall in Starbucks. San Diego County. Anthony Zaccaglin, et al v. Starbucks Coffee Company

A Starbucks customer fell on a tile floor that the manager had just mopped. The customer hit his head on the floor and was knocked unconscious. The defense offered $100,000, but the jury decided the case was worth over $7 million.

$7.5 million jury verdict for motorcycle injury. San Diego County. Matthew Wall v. Pedro Flores Miramontes; Group 1 Automotive Inc; Rancho Auto Group

Motorcycle rider rounded a curve and a shuttle driver made a left turn into his path. The result was penile injury to the plaintiff that affected his sex life. Defense made no offer. Jury awarded large non-economic damages.

Child hit by car after leaving ice cream truck; ice cream seller said negligent. $21.1 million verdict. Fresno County. Moua v. Vardayan, Akers

Ice cream truck vendor said contributorily negligent for girl's catastrophic injury; $1 million policy is opened up.

Surgeon blows the whistle at UCLA Medical Center. $10 million settlement at trial. Los Angeles County. Robert Pedowitz, M.D. v. The Regents of the University of California, et al.

Whistleblower surgeon alleges UCLA allows docs to take medical industry payments that could compromise patient care. $10 million settlement after 2-month trial.

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