Dangerous Condition Public Property

Water district pipe leaks, damages commercial buildings. Contra Costa County.

Public water line leak alleged to damage commercial buildings. $331,000 net verdict after defendant had offered $1 million per CCP 998.

  • Case Name: Kelly v. Contra Costa Water District
  • Date of Verdict or Judgment: Thursday, August 08, 2013

Woman trips at night on raised sidewalk. Jury awards $493,000 and defendant made no offer. Los Angeles County.

61-year-old woman trips on raised sidewalk at night, breaking her arm.  Defendant apartment complex denied fault for tree roots raising the sidewalk.

  • Case Name: Barbara Ferren v. Valley Village South Apartments, a California General Partnership; City of Los Angeles; County of Los Angeles; State of California/CALTRANS, and DOES 1 through 100, Inclusive
  • Date of Verdict or Judgment: Monday, December 17, 2012